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From the very beginning, promoting the natural power of Thursday Plantation tea tree oil has been our foundation.

Tea tree leaves have been used for thousands of years by the Indigenous people of New South Wales for their unique properties. Today people around the world look to Thursday Plantation plant-based oils for providing a variety of uses for supporting health and wellbeing.

What makes Plant Oils special?

Plant-based oils are concentrated plant extracts and these potent ingredients have the capability to be absorbed easily into layers of the skin. They work at a cellular level in harmony with the body to support the skin’s natural health. It is this delivery mechanism combined with our strict manufacturing process is at the heart of Thursday Plantation’s product effectiveness and quality.

How do I use Thursday Plantation Oils?

Our plant-based oils provide a broad range of benefits ranging from the antibacterial qualities of Tea Tree Oil to the calming properties of Lavender Oil


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